Thursday, September 8, 2005

Southern Anniversary

Very sorry for the blog hiatus. I had family members and meals and Southern Boy to tend to back down South. But, I’m back in the city, sitting at my usual perch (the kitchen table), looking out at the pretty cornices of West Broadway, ready to write.
Two months ago… I had never felt the warm weight of your body a top mine… You didn’t blush and laugh quite as often… My cheeks didn’t burn from hours of kissing… I didn’t know that there was someone out there to make me dinner, hold my hand, bless the food and our friendship… You couldn’t begin to spell ‘principessa’… I had never considered a white jacket, black piping to be erotic…Neither of us had smiled quite as much… I didn’t close my eyes and whisper little sentences to someone above, thanking him for surprises and fate and men with sweet souls…

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