Monday, September 18, 2006

Gloria, Jane and a New Kind of Radio

Rita Cosby and I talked television: Murdoch, censorship, fashion (red is best for blondes on-air). I marveled at Jane Fonda’s commanding presence, delivery and habit of wearing dark glasses inside. Gloria Steinem smiled, I followed suit and one of Patrick McMullan’s minions took our picture. A rousing Steinem speech brought down the house.
I met the brightest of feminist stars at Greenstone Media’s launch party held at the Museum of Television and Radio. The goal of these estrogen dynamos? Give Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern a run for their money. Give the women of America other women to listen to on the radio. The dials have long been dominated by testosterone-charged diatribes and agenda-pushing rants. Instead of a forum to discuss strippers and Strom Thurman, Greenstone hopes to provide an alternative environment for open, honest discussion—apolitical at that.
I didn’t tuck any business cards into my clutch (I’m not quite that professional) but I did manage to bring a small, spiral-bound reporter’s notebook. After a few glasses of Chardonnay, I stopped talking shop and started getting real–taking down the email addresses and phone numbers of the young, professional women that made the evening. And let me tell you, this is rare for Manhattan. We women usually end up exiting events with catty comments tucked away, a desire to lose ten pounds and the sudden urge to blow our next paycheck on Madison Avenue (gotta keep up with the Jones’). But, somehow, this evening was different. I left with a wonderful sense of female community and support. Let’s hope the station can make me feel the same way… Check them out and let me know what you think.

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