Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Romancing the Stove

A chef. A writer. A love.
We met in a restaurant. We fell in love at the table. We've begun our lives together at the stove. But, still, how do an Alabama chef and a New York City writer cook for themselves? Entertain at home?
Last week, Chef (also known as "Southern Boy") and I rented a house on the Gulf. It was our start to our new year. We woke up to salty breezes and emerald green sea, fell asleep to silence and warmth... and the smell of sauteed garlic and onions. We couldn't help ourselves, you see. With all that time together we decided to put pen to paper, test out recipes and devise a little cooking/entertaining guide for our friends and family. Shopping, buying the freshest seafood by day, cooking and testing recipes by night. I might just share the recipes with y'all...

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