Monday, February 5, 2007

Culinary Cupid

“Once upon a time, I dated a crazy Versace model. In between shoots at Donatella’s manse in Miami, filming workout videos for MTV (not kidding) and figuring out that one plus one equals two, he would take me to the ‘Central Park Boathouse…’”
“Romantic New York” updated. Check out restaurant #5, the “Rotunda” at the “Pierre Hotel.” Click on “Belle’s Guide” and then “Romantic New York.”
Judging from my Inbox, you boys want a downtown girl’s opinion on the best in town. You’re a sweet, clueless bunch that needs a little direction, a tasteful compass (if you will). Peruse my top 5 Valentine’s haunts (1 post per day) and make a reservation—fast. The best tables in town are going, going…almost gone. All plans and preparations must be made this week. And keep those emails coming, I like playing culinary cupid. 

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