Thursday, February 8, 2007

Lorelei’s Book

Let’s forget that the diamonds ‘round Lorelei Lee’s (“Gentleman Prefer Blondes”) elegant neck are eventually replaced by the noose of marriage and suburbia. Let’s remember when life was a promise and she happened upon the beginnings of a book, a memoir, a pamphlet on how to use untrained intelligence, looks and energy to get the most from life.
“A gentleman friend and I were dining at the Ritz last evening and he said that if I took a pencil and paper and put down all of my thoughts it would make a book … So it might have all blown over but this morning he sent me a book. And so when my maid brought it to me, I said to her, “Well, Lulu, here is another book and we have not read half the ones we have got yet.” But when I opened it and saw that it was all blank I remembered what my gentleman acquaintance said, and so then I realized that it was a diary. So here I am writing a book instead of reading one…It would be strange if I turn out to be an authoress.”
Let’s remember her excess and focus on the days when life was damn good and she dealt with heartbreak and the luncheon hour in the most wonderful way.
“I mean champagne always makes me feel philosophical because it makes me realize that when a girl’s life is as full of fate as mine seems to be, there is nothing else to do about it. So this morning the steward brought me my coffee and quite a large pitcher of ice water so I will stay in bed and not have any more champagne until luncheon time.”
There was a remedy for her sadness. I’ll put a bookmark there and try not to read any more for a good, long while.

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