Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Instant American Dream

Cafe.JPGDonny Deutsch thinks I’m living the “instant American Dream.” At least that’s what his producers made him say last night as we squared off on his CNBC program, the “BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch.” Booming, baritone Voiceover Man declared,
“A Southern girl next door learns how to make it in the Big Apple and take her dreams out into the wo-o-o-o-rlddddd.”
B roll: Me in a big white dress, armful of roses at my debutante ball. Granddaddy and I enjoying an aperitif at Casa Botin. An aerial shot of the Northeastern United States…what? It was all very dramatic.
Donny quizzed me about my book (“Belle of New York, 2008), “the biggest talent show on earth” (the internet) and how I got started (a little site called “Wonkette”). I wasn’t shy about declaring my admiration for Nick Denton, internet genius and founder of Gawker Media. A handful of his editors—okay, the majority of them—may love to hate me but I respect the operation and Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit.
Who else took their turn on the couch? What other “instantly famous” web celebs had the pleasure of gazing into Donny’s eyes, inadvertently licking their coffee and red wine-stained teeth as they stared at his BriteSmile? The illustrious cast of characters included a Yale grad who creates Mento and Diet Coke fountains, a stand-up comic who sings about shoes and a hot little lady by the name of Amanda Congdon who has her own ABC News webcast and a production deal with HBO. Indeed—a motley crue.
Above picture is meant to redeem last night’s “trekkie hairdo” (observation courtesy, Mamma) and overall ghastl

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