Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Beauty Expert

Nadines Book.JPG
She was a gorgeous, glowing sight for sore eyes. I hadn’t seen Ms. Nadine in two years. We left things off at Giorgione 508, several good glasses of Southern red and a plate of mixed bruschette between us (I swear I recall my life as a menu…). Our respective books had just been sold and she was off for twenty-four months of polo, Euros and an absolutely fabulous life. Me? I had big, big plans… to stand at the stove, write recipes, debate the merits of Afghan versus Spanish saffron…
But back to the beauty expert! Tuesday night dinner at Fred’s and I get Nadine and her oeuvre–Beauty Confidential. One day and counting before her Today Show appearance and she’s as cool, calm, collected and glowing (have I already used that descriptor?) as any celeb on the red carpet. The point is, the girl and her beauty regime (on a budget!) are doing something right.  
Go here and learn all of Nadine’s secrets. After highlighting every second page of Beauty Confidential I didn’t know whether I should hit CVS or Barney’s for my updated beauty buys. Her book is written for the priss and pauper in each of us working girls. Need I sell you more?

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