Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Eiffel Tower1.jpgParis for my birthday! What more could a girl wish for? Well… you know me… I wish that I knew a few locals. I wish that there was someone to draw me up a big list ofcan-Eiffel Tower III.jpgnot-miss exhibits, boutiques, bistros. Where should I stay? I’m overwhelmed by the art, the beauty–the prospect of seared foie gras for lunch! Enter Paris Notebook. No leather. No gold leaf. But my yellow Steno pad should do the trick. Research sessions at Barnes & Noble and hours exploring the galleries of Rue de Seine, the 18th century brasseries of Les Halles, the Jewish bakeries of the Quartier Latin (such a tough job!) will be dutifully transcribed for yournext trip. I’ll be your American insider–your know-it-all ami francaise– who can’t wait to tell you about Hotel Verneuil, the hotel de charme in St. Germain. You want romance and history with your next 4-star meal? Enjoy a lunch (for half the price of dinner) at Le Grand Vefour, a restaurant that has been around since the reign of Louis XV, a favorite of Napoleon, Colette, Cocteau. So I’ve got a hotel and my one 4-star meal. Now to fill in the blanks… 

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